Definitive Voices

Welcome to the temporary home of Definitive Voices.

We broadcast from the Definitive Voices of Individuals, and Organizations, which are changing the world for the better.  We educate, empower, uplift and inspire a call to action for a nation of people in need.  We are feel-good, do-good at its best and most powerful.

We will show you how to live a better life, give something other than money to those in need, start your own movement for change, and share your Definitive Voice with the rest of world.

We operate on a global scale, because we know that there are people the world over that need help and assistance.  We know that if you don’t know their stories, you can’t help them.  Definitive Voices exists, because you do.  We bring you the stories and information, about the people and organizations around the world, that are impacting lives, effecting change and saving the life of those in need.

We travel the world over to bring you the information that matters most.  DV can be found in Haiti, Japan, DC, LA, Texas, Colorado, Wyoming, Atlanta, China, Pakistan, Ukraine, Russia, NY, Kentucky, Indiana, Africa, Darfur, Germany, Hawaii and beyond.  Our platform is the entire world.  Our voice is that of a nation of people in need.

We are laying the foundation for the next generation of movers, shakers, doers, developers and those who know that change begins with self!  There are billions of Definitive Voices all across the world.  Our job is to educate you about them all.  Our content is varied and ever-changing, because each voice and story is different.  We will broadcast from the Definitive Voice of an individual, or organization that seeks to empower us all, by teaching us that there is more good in the world than bad.

Join us as we travel the world over and share with you the conversations, and lessons, of a lifetime from the voices of those who know what it means to save the life of another.

This is the Definitive Voice of a nation!